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US federal ethanol study mixes facts with fictions

Feb 9 The latest ethanol study from the US Dept of Agriculture mixes facts with GHG reductions from the use of corn based ethanol concluding that it has net Why not turn the coal into ethanol too with TCX technology like China

Patent US Direct and selective production of

Jan 4 A process for the selective production of ethanol by vapor phase The process according to claim 1 wherein the selectivity to ethanol based on acetic acid consumed is from vegetable materials eg coconut charcoal or from peat or coal on Pt based bimetallic catalysts 20th NAM Houston TX Jun

Celanese Announces Advancement of MOU with PERTAMINA to

Mar 4 Based in Dallas Texas Celanese employs approximately 7 600 employees Celanese TCX Technology an innovative ethanol production

ethanol The Chemical Notebook C EN Safety

And that might indicate how closely related TCX technology is to methanol carbonylation Wison plans to invest in a coal gasification unit based on clean coal

Environmentalist Jung says no to ethanol Crain s

Aug 21 for the end of the federally mandated and subsidized corn based ethanol industry Environmentalist Jerry Jung wants ethanol policy change process TCX technology that converts coal into clean and efficient ethanol

Cellulosic Ethanol to Be Cost Competitive by

Mar 12 Cellulosic ethanol is on track be cost competitive with corn based ethanol by a development that could drive the fuel s production

Cheaper Fuels for the Light Duty Fleet Opportunities and

alternatively the use of natural gas based liquid fuels such as ethanol or coal as a feedstock in Nanjing China and recently announced that it has For example when NG is available at $400/mcf the cost of TCX ethanol is $181

Celanese Partners to Develop Ethanol in Indonesia

Jul 19 The companies will use Celanese s TCX technology which converts hydrocarbon feedstocks such as coal and natural gas into ethanol

Ford Makes a Case for Ethanol and Methanol Blends

Apr 9 Ford Motor Company is using research to encourage more engine efficiency to save fuel use less material and keep clean air by using ethanol

TCX Technology Wikipedia

TCX Technology is the brand name for a hydrocarbon based ethanol production process Starting from coal it is gasified Impurities such as mercury and

modern ethanol production Institute for Energy

well to tank GHG emissions from oil natural gas coal and biomass in general As we can see modern natural gas fired facilities approach a 2 1 Net Energy Here we also see that corn based ethanol has already ramped up to almost The Texas based Celanese has created a new ethanol technology called TCX to

Indian Oil inks pact with Celanese to set up ethanol plant

Oct 10 Indian Oil inks pact with Celanese to set up ethanol plant using petcoke in a fuel ethanol plant to be built in India based on Celanese s TCX

Celanese Biofuels Digest

Celanese teams with China s NPC to study coal to ethanol project The unit based on Celanese TCX ethanol process technology is expected to startup in

Ethanol free fuel demand grows Washington Times

Apr 25 Companies that offer higher ethanol blends can sell renewable identification numbers to those that provide only E0 gasoline to help them

Celanese Corporation Moves Forward on Indonesian

Jan 17 Texas based Celanese Corporation is moving ahead with plans for a $25 its TCX technology extracts ethanol using hydrocarbons from coal

Today in Energy Daily Prices Prices US Energy Information

$/gallon Mont Belvieu TX 080 06 Conway KS 077 07 Coal $/ton Nymex Oct 00 0 < 1 Ethanol $/gallon CBOT Sep 155 39 < 1 < 1 Percent changes based on daily settlement price from previous business day

Celanese faces US road block on ethanol

Jun 15 N is spending more than $700 million to turn coal and natural gas into Among Wall Street analysts who cover Dallas based Celanese there is Celanese has branded the technology TCX but will not say why it picked

Challenges and opportunities for coal

Coal gasification for chemicals gaseous and liquid fuels production can fulfil an gasification based coal conversion development and deployment with Celanese who are seeking to establish their proprietary TCX process Celanese convert 4 Mt/y of low grade coal into 13 billion litres of ethanol for use as a

LanzaTech s Vulnerability Energy Trends Insider

Oct 16 Actually some coal fired power plants interested Also Celanese s TCX enables conversion of syngas to ethanol via methanol and acetic

natural gas based liquid fuels potential Goldman

Jun 3 The conversion and sale of NG based ethanol to US customers offers corporation LNG Platts CB I TCX Celanese Indonesian coal

Difference Engine Competition at the pump The

Aug 20 of corn based ethanol be used to dilute petrol sold at the pump called TCX that can convert natural gas coal or petcoke into ethanol for

Which states require ethanol in your fuel Fewer than you

Jul 16 In much of the country that would be coal fired plants ethanol with the TCX technology which is being used in Indonesia China and India

Incentives sought for ethanol made from natural gas

Aug 17 Celanese executives want to see natural gas based ethanol on the list of gasoline called Celanese TCX as the answer to problems of corn based ethanol Celanese is building a coal to ethanol plant in China to produce

Methanol as an alternative transportation Alternative Fuels

Large scale production of methanol from natural gas and coal is a well developed distributor of alcohol based automobile fuels including methanol ethanol and coal LaPorte Methanol/Lyondell Deer Park TX 615 NG CF Industri

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TCX is a new catalytic process to produce ethanol from non food sources as varied as coal natural gas or even biomass through a syngas based process

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