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The Development of the Sherritt Ammonia Pressure Leach Process Leaching of nickel copper matte and recovery of platinum group metals Sherritt s matte leach process uses sulphuric acid leaching in a combination of atmospheric and/or

Leaching of a copper flotation concentrate with

Aug 3 Leaching temperature and APS concentration were found to be important parameters in both leaching systems Atmospheric leaching studi

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Ammonia Pressure Leaching 52 Atmospheric Acid Refining of Nickel Matte Anod 613 Solution Atmospheric Pressure Carbonyl Process 632

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fined by the atmospheric pressure nickel carbonyl process Mond carbonyl pro on Bessemer matte by ammonia leaching in sulfate medium in autoclav

Use of Hydrometallurgy in Direct Processing of Base Metal/PGM

Careful control of matte leaching conditions quantitatively concentrates PGMs in an insoluble residue Atmospheric leaching processes fall into this PGMs in a voluminous iron hydroxide leach residue and produce ammonium sulfate that

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Aug 28 Ion Exchange Purification of Ammonium Molybdate Solutions Atmospheric Leaching of Nickel Copper Matte at Port Nickel CIM Bulletin

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256 Leaching of the flash smelting furnace matte 19 by aqueous ammonia solutions /1/ Nickel is essential to the ronment and must be removed before the off gas is released into the atmosphere This is almost always

Investigation of copper cementation kinetics by rotating

Recovery of metallic copper from the leach solution containing copper II ions by malachite in ammonia solutions International Journal of Mineral Processing during atmospheric leaching of converter matte Journal of the South African

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The atmosphere in the furnace is slightly oxidizing or neutral In the ammonia leach process 20 matte is leached in a two stage counter current process

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O Matte smelting 0 Reduction roast ammonia leach 0 High pressure sulphuric acid leach the leach discharge solu tion at atmospheric pressure For some

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Sherritt Gordon and Falconbridge Matte Leach process temperature of 900°C under an atmosphere containing cracked ammonia 75 H2 and 25 N2

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Dec 8 A process is provided for treating a matte for selective extraction of of the copper from electrowinning through the nickel atmospheric leaching and further eg by distillation of the free ammonia followed by an acidification

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the temperature and the reaction involved on the leaching of copper matte Copper Cu ammonia evaporates to the atmosphere at high temperatur

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Atmospheric Leaching AL or Heap Leaching HL technologi Ores best suited to produce a matte are those with relatively high Fe/Ni ratio gt 6 and The ammonia leaching step in the process is highly selective for nickel and cobalt

The effect of leaching time and ammonia

The effect of leaching time and ammonia concentration on the atmospheric Ni Cu matte containing 23 by mass Cu was used in this experimental study

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24 Nickel Laterite Ammonia Leach Process into a settler bath where the matte and slag are separated The nickel matte sinks to the thickened before undergoing a process of atmospheric/pressure leach solvent extraction

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where dissolution leaching separation concentration and reduction to the metal is The nickel matte can be treated in an ammonia pressure leach in of 150 to 315°C Under the mild conditions employed for reaction at atmospheric

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of ammonia and hydrochloric acid which decreases the atmospheric pressure iron is precipitated with limestone In total the leaching process tak

A Powder Diffraction Study of Problems in PLATINUM GROUP

Sulphuric acid matte leaching produced residues containing chloride sodium iron hydroxide sulphate hydrate Na2Fe S04 z OH 3H20 ammonium chloride

Analysis of the first stage leach process at Inco

Feb 2 Schematic flowsheet of the Falconbridge Matte Leach FML process 6 Figure 2 2 O F A B B R E V I A T I O N S AAS Ammoniacal Ammonium Sulfate The nickel copper matte was leached in a multi stage atmospheric

Atmospheric oxidative and non oxidative

The atmospheric leaching of copper bearing matte by acidic ferric chloride above 3 while ammonia leaching has been widely used for Ni Cu mattes with

the recent trends and perspectives of leaching or

processing were following Ferronickel smelting Matte smelting Reduction roast ammonia leaching and High pressure sulphuric acid leaching HPAL high pressure acid leaching or atmospheric pressure acid leaching process

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Cobalt extraction refers to the techniques used to extract cobalt from its ores and other Iron and aluminum are removed from the leach solution by the addition of matte from which nickel and cobalt can be recovered hydrometallurgically By boiling away the ammonia copper is precipitated as a sulfide and sent to a

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Various processes are used to treat nickel matte One process is the ammonia pressure leach in which nickel is recovered from solution using hydrogen

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This chapter describes the methods to estimate emissions of atmospheric into a matte copper sulphide with some iron sulphide and some slag rich in Alternatively hydrometallurgical treatment of scrap using ammonia leaching yields to

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Dec 3 Outotec s Innovative Nickel Matte Leach Process matte chloride leaching process is designed to leach matte in atmospheric OKTOP reactors The heart of the process is the regeneration of ammonia and hydrochloric acid

The chemistry of the nickel copper matte leach and its

Leaching with ammonia solution removes the major wasteful components like iron as an Peirce Smith converter matte under atmospheric leach conditions

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