effects of spent wash

treatment of distilleries and breweries spent wash

Mar 2 The results obtained herein indicate the feasibility of activated carbon used as an adsorbent for removal of pollutants from distillery spent wash


paper chemical analysis of Distillery effluent and its impact on environment are discussed of dark brown effluent termed as spent wash stillage slop or

effect of hydraulic retention time for treating

Key words Diphasic digester Spent wash Acidogenesis Methanogenesis COD OLR ABSTRACT Diphasic anaerobic digesters have inherent advantages of

Nutrient composition of spent wash and its impact

Oct 6 Nutrient composition of crude and digested spent wash and effect of their application on sugarcane growth and biochemical attributes were

Bioremediation for Waste Water Treatment Cleanergis

One of the technologies that has been developed and field trials are carried out is on cleaning the Mollases Spent Wash MSW The most damaging effect of

bioremediation of sugar wash using natural scavengers

Due to the higher strength of the spent wash it was diluted with the sugar effluent at 1 1 ratio spent damaging effects on plants themselves and may become a

Effect of distillery spent wash on

Such beneficial effects of diluted spent wash were observed in most of the sugarcane genotyp Key words Chromosome aberrations Cytotoxicity Distillery

Biodegradation and Decolorization of Distillery Spent

value of color removal from distillery spent wash with Moringa oleifera Results of the kinetic study revealed that the decolorization process follows first order

Effect of Distillery Effluent Biomethanated Spent

The study reports the effect of biomethanated spent wash on chemical and microbial properties of sandy loam soil A field experiment was conducted to examine

Management of Spent Wash in Distilleries Environment

With the amount of highly polluting spent wash being generated at 10 to 15 times the volume Spent wash discharge has a highly deleterious effect on fish life

Microbial degradation of melanoidins in distillery spent

COD of the spent wash could be achieved after 72 h by the microbial treatment Spectrophotometric and study the effect of externally added carbon source on

effect of distillery spent wash

Abstract A field experiment was conducted with distillery spent wash DSW collected from Aska Co operative Sugar Industries Ltd Aska Odisha India and

Study of Adsorption Effect of Soil and Sand on Spent

Scientific Journal of Impact Factor SJIF 472 e ISSN O p ISSN P Study of Adsorption Effect of Soil and Sand on Spent Wash Quality

Application of distillery spent wash and its

Effect of distillery spent wash DSW was studied on plant and ratoon crop of on three sugarcane Saccharum spp hybrids genotypesviz CoS early

eco friendly utilisation of distillery effluent in ARCC

oxidation of organic matter Application of distillery spent wash/effluent significantly increased the EC but had adverse effect on legumes and no effect on riCe

Impact of Distillery Spentwash Irrigation on the

Abstract Cultivation of some top vegetables Creepers was made by irrigation with distillery spent wash of different proportions The primary treated spent wash

Effect of distillery spent wash on

wastewater known as spent wash The experiment involves vermicomposting on application of primary treated spent wash to press mud and soya bean waste in

Media Optimization for the Decolorization of Distillery

Effect of carbon and nitrogen supplementation on media was studied followed by Hence it is found that higher decolorization of distillery spent wash could

Distillery Spent wash Problems and Solutions Krishi

spent wash can be utilized in agriculture for irrigation purposes as fertilizer have shown their results to demonstrate the effect of distillery spent wash on plant

Spent wash Mycorena

Spent wash creating an avenue towards waste to wealth Ramkumar being a more favorable electron acceptor results in the formation of sulfide by sulfate

Electrochemical Treatment of Distillery Spent Wash

The experiments were performed to study the effect of operating parameters suitable for treatment of distillery spent wash as compared to iron electrod

Physico Chemical Analysis and Microbial Degradation of

Aug 12 spent wash as a fertilizer its excess use by farmer s results into stunted growth of crops and increase in salinity of soil Therefore understanding

Physico chemical Characterization of Distillery Effluent and

Effluent originating from distilleries known as spent wash leads to extensive water on impact of distillery effluent on soil and water quality 11 12 13 14 15

Distillery Spent Wash an Ameliorant for Domestic Waste

Bioassay study results of cowpea plant Vigna unguiculata has proved the productive character of distillery spent wash as an ameliorant for composting and

The effect of phenolic acids and molasses spent

The effect of gallic acid vanillic acid and molasses spent wash MSW concentration on growth and decolourizing capability of four fungi Geotrichum candidum

Effect of Biomethanated Distillery Spentwash and

Dec 10 Effect of Biomethanated Distillery Spentwash and Pressmud Biocompost on Effect of distillery spent wash and bio compost on microbial and

spent wash Google

Jun 14 A method as claimed in claim 1 or 2 wherein said concentration of the neutralized spent wash takes place in a multiple effect evaporator 4

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