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the past two years for instance the governments of Angola Tanzania Guinea and As a result Africa s mining codes are now at the centre of a broader policy

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revisions to the mining code and mineral royalty tax Uganda Mozambique s mining sector is governed by the new Mining Law Law No Angola Namibia

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Through Law 31/11 of September 21st Angola approved in the Mining Code The aim of the new Mining Code was to provide the Angola mining sector

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Jun 26 The dictator is manipulating national laws so that he and his of torture and arbitrary executions in the country s diamond mining industry

Lucapa Diamonds Negotiating Increased Stake in Lulo Diamond

Jul 7 Investors in Angola s diamond industry left in droves about a decade ago partly owing to Endiama s insistence before its new mining code was

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Angola is famed for its oil reserves but the African nation is now seeking to become a global force in mining with a new code and National Geology Plan Angola

Diamond Mining Could Push Angola s Antelope

Jun 18 According to Angola s environmental law and mining code mineral activity is not permitted inside protected areas such as national parks and

Laws regulating extractive industries in southern

Oct 11 Angola Angolan law gives the state a monopoly of all mining activities including exploration and exploitation of all mineral resourc

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Mining Code are adopted those adopted in the context of the former mining code authorized to commercialize Angolan diamonds and the Regulatory Gold

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Jul 22 Angola diamond mining is key contributor to GDP A new mining code was enacted in with a view to encouraging international

Diamond Industry Annual Review Angola Partnership

In Angola there are new investment codes new environmental protection laws and there are efforts to improve the access of Angolans to diamond mining

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Quite symbolically the first Constitutional Law of Angola is dated November 10 Lisboa Reproset ISBN 972 44 1 The New Angolan Mining Law

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Mining Code Mining Titles Reconnaissance Licenses Prospecting Permits Operating Permits Mining Concession

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Jun 5 In early Angola published the Mining Code of which no longer requires the country to hold a majority stake in a primary diamond

Angola tax changes out of sync with country s

Angola tax changes out of sync with country s mining code Angola is rich in metallic and non metallic mineral resources and the mining sector represents

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Angola s private investment law describes the benefits and incentives Recent changes to the mining code have allowed for the possibility of a single contract

Angola is diversifying from oil How We Made It In

Nov 15 Angola is Africa s second largest oil producer with much of its proven reserves The new mining code introduced in attracted foreign

Southern Africa still risky MiningNews

Jul 22 Angola diamond mining is key contributor to GDP A new mining code was enacted in with a view to encouraging international

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Jun 30 Enquiries concerning reproduction should be sent to Law Business Mining projects at an industrial scale in Angola typically involve an

Angolan government grants new artisanal diamond

Mar 12 Angolan government grants new artisanal diamond mining rights under the terms of the Mining Code and the Private Investment Law

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This article was first published in The Mining Law Review Edition 5 Janeiro office of Tauil Chequer Advogados looks at the new Mining Code in Angola

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VDM Mining offers the advantages of Australia s mining expertise experience Investment Climate Angola passed a new Mining Code in to provide the

Angola Petroleum Reforms Signal Improved Investment

Oct 27 Angola Energy and Natural Resources Orrick 27 Oct two sets of regulations were recently published which could have far reaching effects Tanzania Overhauls Mining Laws Fines Investor US$190 Billion Is Your

Lucapa Diamond Company

Lucapa operates the Lulo alluvial mining and kimberlite exploration project in Angola and is advancing development of the Mothae kimberlite mine in Lesotho

Democratic Republic of the Congo The Mining Law Review

After several years of discussion the current Congolese Mining Code was A huge project constructing new rail and road transport routes to Angola and

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or are working on new mining laws that seek to encourage investment These are the Foreign investment is encouraged in Angola however generally it is

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Apr 29 ANGOLA MINING LAW SURVEY 1 MINING LAW ISSUES 11 Mining Title Natural resources either in solid liquid or gas state found in the

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