copper anode slimes processing equipment

Removal of Copper and Enrichment of Precious Metals by

Pressure Leaching Pretreatment of Copper Anode Slime in Sulfuric Acid Medium description of slimes processing is beyond the scope of this paper

Extracting tin from simulated leaching solution of anode

ABSTRACT Simulated leaching solution of tin anode slime was prepared as electrolyte to investigate the Hydrometallurgical processing is another way to extract tin using acid or alkali cyclone electrowinning equipment 7 ZY Hu and XW Xia Production test of recovery copper use vortex electrolytic technology

hydrometallurgical processing of anode slimes

The anode slime generated as a by product during the electrorefining of tin in dictated by a high market price and a shrinking primary supply from a tin alloy enriched in copper and silver by fractional crystallization of the ordinary

Smelting and Gold Refining Part 3 Smelting the anode

Nov 23 In this last video we smelt the dried anode slimes and recover a button of I wanted to mention the copper button with the 8 grams of gold from the is expensive to do in larger batches and takes a lot of expensive equipment video s button after what I had thought was you processing that first button

Our Operations Sterlite Copper

Our business unit consists of Copper Smelter Refinery Sulphuric acid plant Phosphoric Matte is transferred to Converters for further processing Other by products of our copper smelting operations are gypsum and anode slimes which

Anode slimes Palabora Mining Company Ltd

Anode slimes product is a by product of the electro refining process and refining cells are dried in an oven and processed by a metals by product plant Anode Slimes Anode Slimes produced from the Palabora electrolytic copper refinery

Processing of copper electrorefining anode

Jul 18 In the present paper the various processing routes with the special emphasis on plant practice and precious metals recovery from anode slime

Smelting and Refining Business Segments JX Nippon Mining

The Group s copper smelting and refining operations are conducted at the are recovered from the anode slime produced in the copper refining process process for recovery of precious and rare metals the first equipment of its kind in

COPPER 99 The Minerals Metals Materials Society

equipment installed in the refinery the steps leading sign and operation of the anode slimes facility in and two copper processing plants an oxide plant

Copper Department of Energy

Copper processing or pyrometallurgical processes employ high temperature Converter Bricks Spent Electrolyt Anode Slim Acid Plant Blowdown

Patent US Hydrometallurgical process for

Oct 6 The decopperized anode slime is first leached with nitric acid at an elevated This selenium tellurium copper and other impurities containing

Anode Slime Anode Slime Suppliers and

Silver Recovery Vacuum Distillation Process From Anode Slime Add to Compare Response Copper Anode Slime Hydro Metallurgy Process Tailor Made

2 Existing OpEratiOn 2 BHP Billiton

Process water dam Acid Plant Smelter 2 Intake electrical substation Electrorefinery only the extraction and processing of copper uranium gold and silver are collect in the bottom of the electrolytic cells as anode slime The slime is then

Selenium Recovery in Precious Metal Technology UmU DiVA

When copper anode slimes are processed in a precious metal plant the first selenium recovery process during Kaldo processing of copper anode slimes

Recent operation and environmental control in the Kennecott

the Kidd Process while anode slimes are processed for precious metals recovery plant to control bismuth and arsenic levels in the copper anode product


Metallurgy and Mineral Processing by the University of v 1 f {an Size distribution of the copper anode slimes 1°\ 3 107 18 Adsorption of silver from anode slimes refineries including the Ndola precious metals plant is to

Getting More Gold from Slimes Higher Productivity in Wet

Jul 25 of slimes processing in the Kennecott Copper Anode Slimes Process In the PM plant the anode slimes are initially thickened in three

Hydrometallurgical processing of anode slime

The anode slime obtained from Indian Copper Complex Ghatsila was used for the recovery count for the major cost of the slime processing plant To address

Current Operations in SMM s Slime Treatment

SMM operates an original slime treatment process for recovering precious and other metals l e Se Sb Bi from the copper and the lead anode tankhouse slim The existing slime treatment plant was completely reconstructed in and

copper anode sludge recovery of precious metals

We provide information such as General Process Functions Company Profiles from copper anode slime Recovery of gold from copper anode slimes is a Precious Metal Recovery Copper recycling plant Copper Plant Dust Anode Bags

Extraction of copper and gold from anode slime of

For the extraction of copper by leaching the anode slime was heated and studied the recovery of gold from copper anode slime by means of a novel process The XRD and XRF equipment models were Phillips and ARL

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Jul 17 Three Macro Trends in Copper Production and Implications for Tellurium This paper examines the implications for the supply of tellurium Well coordinated and novel anode slimes processing strategies in the new

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Jun 28 thus creating larger quantities of slimes in the refining process methods for adherent anode slimes in copper electrorefining experiments model VP manufactured by Zeiss Germany and Oxford Instruments INCA

Optimized Leaching Conditions for Selenium from Sar

Feb 12 Mineral Processing Group Tarbiat Modarres University PO Box 143 Tehran IR IRAN Shafaei KEY WORDS Sar Cheshmeh mine Copper anode slimes for selenium or selenium chemicals and other plant


Keywords Copper anode slime gold chlorination process Kinetics 1 INTRODUCTION Simulation of Heavy Metals Transfer of Zinc Leaching Plant to


Feb 26 The copper anode slimes generated in the refinery unit vary widely in 2B are equipment flow diagrams for the production of tellurium from

Dissolution Optimization of Copper from Anode

Jun 20 In the present study aimed at the extraction of copper and the concentration of precious metals in anode slime the optimum process conditions

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